Saying Goodbye, thousand of miles away.

Good bye Grandma, Good bye Abu. Thanks for the countless trips to the beach, for the freshly made Arepas every morning with my favorite Cheez Whiz filing. Thanks for taking care of us, when my Mom and Dad went on trips. Thanks for being a cool Grandma, who was always cheerful and positive about life. Thanks for being a woman role model, a feminist, who worked until your 80s, because you loved it, because you felt passion. I hope your spirit lives in me, as much as your blood runs in my genes. I know that your are resting now. I know that your are in peace. It just kills me to be so many miles away from you. Kills me that I can not say good bye to you properly, and that I can not hug my Dad at this time. As I can not be present, this is my eulogy to you. Hope you read it in heaven. Love. Te ama. Descansa en Paz. Adri

Grandma and Me. We look a lot a like!

Grandma and Me. We look a lot a like! She was 90 in this picture!

8 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye, thousand of miles away.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss Adriana.You wrote a beautiful heartfelt Goodbye that reminds me of how much impact being a good Grandmother role model is.Your Grandma will be so happy to know that she is remembered so sweetly.

  2. Hija que bellas palabras , casi no puedo describir lo que me hicieron sentir y aunque no estés aquí igual siento ese fuerte abrazo del que hablas. Te amo Pap

  3. Adrianita, lo sentimos mucho mis hijas y yo, extensivas condolencias a toda la familia. Definitivamente una gran mujer. Honor a quien honor merece. Dios la tenga en su Gloria. Descanse en paz. Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo……

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