111 places in Vienna to see. Challenge accepted!

Discovering new places in Vienna

Discovering new places in Vienna

Great book for getting to know Vienna: 111 places in Vienna that you shouldn´t miss. The author´s name is Peter Eickhoff. Unlike the normal tourist books or travel guides, the writer carefully selected the most interesting spots in the city. Each of the locations has a great story, and a detailed explanation of its uniqueness.

From coffee shops, museums, and even to famous street vendors, this guide allows experiencing the city as a local, to get deep into its culture and to enjoy it like a true Viennese.

So, as part of my adaptation process, I have challenged myself to visit the 111 sites on the book. I will be blogging about them, and also putting pictures on Instagram. #111placesinVienna

#1 Cafe Prückel

Cafe Prückel. Since 1904

Cafe Prückel. Since 1904

Vienna has great coffee shops, and then it has The Prückel. So far I have to say it is one of my favorites. Not so touristy, like the ones downtown (Yes, not a tourist, LOL) It has a grand feeling, with tall ceilings and crystal chandeliers. A stillness and calmness in the air, which makes you, want to stay for hours.

Cafe Prückel. Since 1904

The Prückel is filled with characters, the newspaper readers, the old ladies drinking tea, the young crowd with laptops, the tourists, and of course the expats 😉 It has been opened since 1904, so history has actually happened in its chairs and sofas.

Melange. Traditional Viennese Coffee

Melange. Traditional Viennese Coffee

I ordered the traditional Viennese Melange, and sat there for two hours with my book and my city map. Just relaxing and working on my “Dolce Far Niente”. With every sip of my coffee, I could feel some old world wisdom soaking in.

2 thoughts on “111 places in Vienna to see. Challenge accepted!

  1. Kudos for taking the time to explore. I think such books are great if you have the time, but aren’t comparable to tourist guides. I mean, it would take weeks to even briefly visit all the spots in the book.

    Are you making a selection based on preferences, or just going down the list?

    • Thanks! yes! Doing my best effort! and it´s actually fun.:)
      I am choosing them based on preference, location, and weather conditions. The goal is to have a couple per week.
      Let´s see how it goes!

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