Roadtrip to Budapest

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  Coming from Chile, one of the advantages of being in Europe is having the possibility to be in a different country in a matter of hours. From Vienna, where we are currently based, you can be in Bratislava, Prague, Slovenia … Continue reading

111 places in Vienna to see. Challenge accepted!

Discovering new places in Vienna

Discovering new places in Vienna

Great book for getting to know Vienna: 111 places in Vienna that you shouldn´t miss. The author´s name is Peter Eickhoff. Unlike the normal tourist books or travel guides, the writer carefully selected the most interesting spots in the city. Each of the locations has a great story, and a detailed explanation of its uniqueness.

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5 things an Expat in Germany or Austria understands

Sometimes when moving abroad, frustration kicks in. This is my personal way of draining. 1) Toilette paper or sand paper!? I truly don’t get it, are they trying to save the rain forest by selling the worst toilette paper imaginable? Are the … Continue reading