5 things an Expat in Germany or Austria understands

Sometimes when moving abroad, frustration kicks in. This is my personal way of draining. 1) Toilette paper or sand paper!? I truly don’t get it, are they trying to save the rain forest by selling the worst toilette paper imaginable? Are the … Continue reading

5 things that have helped me adapt to new countries (Expat on the move)

The first months after moving to a new country are always a whirlwind for me. Between finding a new house, getting services installed, and settling the furniture in, I have little time to think about the huge life changes. But, when that busyness is over, the void sinks in. I am thousands of miles away from family or friends, I do not speak the language very well, and I don’t understand the culture.

I think this is the hardest period. You start feeling alone, and lost. Your mind starts wandering and you stop living in the present (counting the days till your next trip home, or to a visit from family member) So, during my different moves – 6 countries and counting – I have found 5 different behaviors and actions that have helped me transition more smoothly. Helped me enjoy my new life, helped me find myself in a new place. 

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