The Phone Does Not Ring!

As phone junkie, one of the hardest things about living in a new country was getting use to the idea that the phone never rings. It is a fact. I mean, my family and close friends live in other time zones, so they are all sleeping while I am having lunch. And, by the time they leave their office, I am in my Pjs ready to sleep.

So, over the years, thankfully, I have come to peace with the need to receive calls during the day. Though, I have developed an excessive use of Instagram and Facebook, as a way to connect with love ones. Also, with whatts app and other messaging services which are quite useful. (I will post about group chats another day, so much to say!)

As time goes by, it does get easier. And once in while, I get a surprising call from a new friend, or my parents back home. This makes my day.  Other times, false alarms like wrong numbers or telemarketing, just make me laugh, and remind me to put the phone in silence.

I guess it’s how you deal with the change, you let it beat you or you embrace it. =)

My iphone clock settings. Keeping up with the family.

My iphone clock settings. Keeping up with the family.